Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Raining Timelords

This is a vid I made ages ago, just after David Tennant’s regeneration. Beginning to think I should redo this to include Matt Smith.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shit Classic Whovians Say

  • Rose Tyler is the best companion???? SARAH JANE SMITH BITCHES!
  • You know, Hartnell and Troughton could make bow ties cool without mentioning it every 12 seconds!
  • Wait. So Romana can pick and choose what she’ll regenerate into but the Doctor can’t? Chicks rule in this show!
  • The 2010 theme okay, but it’s missing the sonic boom at the end.
  • Anyone who says that all the 60s companions did was scream has never heard of Babara Wright.
  • I’m knitting myself a scarf. I’m using the proper pattern from doctorwhoscarf.com. Probably going to be the series 16 variation.
  • Oh, you poor babies have to wait until the fall (or early spring) for new Doctor Who? TRY 20 YEARS!!!
  • You know what? Six’s multi coloured coat? It’s growing on me.
  • Wow. The 1996 movie is terrible. I wanna watch it twice.
  • RTD gayed up the show? (uncontrollable laughter)
  • God, Tegan is so annoying!
  • No Tegan! Don’t go, not like that!!!!
  • Who was the moron that deleted 106 episodes? I had to read the scripts!
  • The Beatles footage from Top Of The Pops can only be found in Doctor Who. Your argument is so invalid.
  • He’s not ‘Doctor Who’! He’s THE Doctor!!!
  • I want another multi Doctor story!
  • Christopher Eccleston, you have to get involved! Tom Baker said he regretted not doing it!
  • Ian and Babara are my OTP!
  • I wonder whatever happened to Bessie?
  • You’re excited about season 7? Yeah me too!! That’s when John Pertwee took over as the third Doctor and got stranded on Earth!!
  • The best thing about being stuck on Earth is being stuck with the UNIT boys.
  • I miss UNIT. The proper UNIT. Unified Intelligence Taskforce??? Why did they United Nations not want to be cool?
  • Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. I’m so glad they honoured you in the new series.
  • So, your fandom is almost a decade old? Bless! Us Whovians are about to hit our half century soon!
  • Every time I watch War Games, a part of me thinks they might actually get away.
  • David Tennant was in a Big Finish production? ONE OF US!
  • Oh, Two and Jamie! You two are so married!
  • People bitching and moaning about Tennant regeneration? I’VE BEEN THOUGH THIS 9 TIMES BEFORE. IT NEVER GETS EASIER.
  • Wow, Leela is so kick arse!
  • Ace is so kick arse!
  • ……. where did Mel come from?
  • So …… is Peri dead or not?
  • I wanna meet a man like Ian.
  • I love it when Sylvester McCoy rolls his r’s!
  • City of Death is the best episode ever!
  • Peter Cushing doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.
  • Sure, Colin Baker wasn’t the strongest Doctor, but he’s so amazing in the audio adventures.

I’m thinking of making a vid of this. Any suggestion?