Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just some Jekyll photo spamming. Was running around on google.


It’s always the villain I find the sexiest. Why is that? The same actor plays the good guy AND the bad guy.


My attempt at a retro movie poster.


My attempt at a retro movie poster.

I wish Tumblr would become obsessed with Jekyll like it is with Doctor Who and Sherlock.


Jekyll is like the misfit stepchild of Steven Moffat’s shows. XD

No one knows about it but it’s so fucking quality.

Get yo shit together, Tumblr.

Mark Gatiss is involved.

There should be no more encouragement needed.

Monday, January 9, 2012

And I still don’t understand you, so I gotta say, ‘Fuck you!’ - ‘Thank you’

Only the Hood’s can properly define how I feel about Moffet and his muthafuckin’ Tweets right now.

Hilltop Hoods are always a good for explaining stuff.

(The Light You Burned - Hilltop Hoods)