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I know everyone’s making a big deal about the fact that the word ‘liar’ showed up on Mary during the Sherlock scan, but interestingly enough, the word that was used the most (as far as I can tell) is guardian.

You mix this with ‘liar’ and ‘secret’ and you have one very complicated woman. I don’t think Mary’s the Big Bad, but there is something there, and it may be born out of the best intentions.

Friday, October 18, 2013

I know it’s been suggested that Benedict Cumberbatch should play The Master in Doctor Who (and didn’t he want to as well?), but I have a better idea.

There should be a historical episode, set in 1886, one year before A Study in Scarlet is published. The Doctor and Clara meet up with Arthur Conan Doyle. Who will be portrayed by Mr Cumberbatch.

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Men categorize women in one of four ways …

Inspired by this post from themulticoloredmustache

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* decides to check out the Mary Morstan tag

* gets the fuck out of the Mary Morstan tag

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I think she is one of the most charming young ladies I ever met, and might have been useful in such work as we have been doing. She had a decided genius that way.

Sherlock Holmes on Mary Morstan (The Sign of Four)


Yeah I always loved that bit. What if they make her a private detective or someone of sorts?

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Sherlock likes Mary. This is, and always has been canon.

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He smiles at her and she didn’t notice. The feels.

he looks so sad!

This moment. Just before, Sherlock had willing manipulated Molly into getting access to one of her patients - something she probably knew. As we find out later, Molly sees herself on the very fringes of this great man’s life, a useful assistant and nothing more. As she says, 'I don't count.'

But we see Sherlock, closed off, cold and calculating, smiling sweetly in an almost unconscious manner. But Molly doesn’t notice, as she’d never expect that from him. And just like that, the smile drops away. Sherlock’s more than used to being ignored himself.

Two people, so used to being pushed aside, neglected, used for their talents and forgotten about the rest of the time. Perhaps at this moment Sherlock himself is unaware of why he likes mousey, smiley Molly. It’s probably only in The Reichenbach Fall that he recognises a little himself in her. The small, lonely part that just wants that little bit of human contact. And that’s when he realises that he treats her the same way the world treats him - indifferently. Even though he didn’t show it, she always counted.

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Irene Adler isn’t being ‘left out’ of a flirting party between Cpt Jack, Clara, and River because she ISN’T ON THE SAME FUCKING SHOW

Since when has that stopped us?