Saturday, September 7, 2013


women: oh fuck

people with injuries: oh fuck

people with disabilities: oh fuck 

people who aren’t white: oh fuck

people who aren’t wealthy as shit: oh fuck

people in school: oh fuck

refugees: oh fuck

asylum seekers: oh fuck

lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders: oh fuck

people who aren’t straight, white, rich men: oh FUCK

whose keen for the same mentality that poisoned this nation back in the 1770’s?? woo??

Actually, the mentality in 1770 would’ve been something like “gee, this is nice having a lovely large continent to look after where life is tough but plentiful and there’s no disease or alcohol or mining and the world’s oldest living culture is still going strong man we even remember the mega fauna and the last ice age though our stories and songs”

And then 1788 was like 


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Sunday, May 26, 2013

So, you know what a ‘bogan’ is, right?

Bogan - a Wiradjuri word, meaning 'birth place of a leader', or more accurately, 'birth place of a notable headman of the local tribe'.

Today is National Sorry Day, the six year anniversary of the Apology and the beginning of Reconciliation Week. When people bitch and moan, or just ignore this fact, I think about the number of words we use in our everyday life that come from an Indigenous source. In particular, ‘bogan’.

The Wiradjuri people are from Central New South Wales, and are the largest Indigenous group in the state. In the middle of Wiradjuri country you can find the Bogan Shire and the little town of Bogan Gate - where my Mum is from, actually. ‘Bogan’ used to be a respected word to convey an area where people are born strong and nobel. But then it got corrupted, because white fellas didn’t respect any member of the Wiradjuri, let alone their leaders.

"You’re from a bogan place? Well, aren’t you just a jumped up little …”

We took something and warped it beyond recognition, turning it into a term of abuse and insult. Although, it’s kinda funny that when you think of the term ‘bogan’, your mind tends to zoom straight to ‘white trash’.

Unfortunately, the word ‘bogan’ is now entered in the Oxford English Dictionary with the white fella definition - Wikipedia even says the word may be grounded in Gaelic. And as we all know, a British interpretation of the colonises is always the correct one.

I’m not preaching here. I’m not saying ‘don’t use the word!!’. It’s just nice to know the real definition behind something.

And when people start moaning about Reconciliation, just look em in the eye and ask …

"So … you know what a bogan is, right?"

Friday, March 15, 2013

So I had a workmate of mine lament about how all the Indigenous films in Australia seem to always have a focus, or at the very least have to mention, the horrific maltreatment of their race and culture by the colonisers. He even went so far as to complain that The Sapphires didn’t show any of the Australian Armed Forces. No white army guys made it in. In a movie that focused on an indigenous girl group, that’s just what was needed. He felt that he could write a better film, one that celebrated aboriginal culture without demonising the white fellas.

He feels mighty underrepresented for a white middle class inner suburbs city boy who has never actually been out west.

I can’t even get into his thoughts on the Stolen Generation.

Oh, but let me make this clear. He’s not racist … but ….

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So, Damien Hooper, a boxer, got into trouble for wearing the Aboriginal flag on his t-shirt during a boxing match. Why is this even an issue? He representing all of us at world level, let him flag his flag!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012
Reasons why Australia is just better.
This is our number 1 pole dancer. An Indigenous man. His name is Matty Shields, and is known for his style which combines modern dance traditional Aboriginal dances.

Reasons why Australia is just better.

This is our number 1 pole dancer. An Indigenous man. His name is Matty Shields, and is known for his style which combines modern dance traditional Aboriginal dances.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Yay!! More laughing kookaburras!! Oohhh, I hate you little pests when you laughing WHEN I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!!

Well, they have to laugh at sunrise to let the Ancestors know that it’s like to light the fire in the sky. Also, when there comes a day when there is no laughter at sunrise, that is a sign that the darkness is returning - a sign of the end of days.

Besides, it’s nicer than a rooster.