Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This is a collab I did with sirjeranreturns on youtube! I always love doing collabs with people and I adore how this one came out! We are known as hatter/returns cause we have done a couple vids together XD

1) hotterhatter2211 [Connor Temple & Abby Maitland](Primeval)
2) sirjeranreturns [Jack and Kim] (24)
3) hotterhatter2211 [Rory Williams & 11th Doctor](Doctor Who)
4) sirjeranreturns [Jasper and Ronald] (13)
5) hotterhatter2211 [Daryl Dixon & Merle Dixon](Walking Dead)
6) sirjeranreturns [Eric and Robert] (Breach)
7) hotterhatter2211 [Rumpelstiltskin & Belle](Once Upon A Time)
8) sirjeranreturns [Neo & Agent Smith] (Matrix Trilogy)
9) hotterhatter2211 [Loki & Thor] (Thor)
10) sirjeranreturns [Willie and Jack] (All The King’s Men)